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SUPER DOG VS EVIL CATS was for me the second game made using Unity, and the third overall game I made. Originally called Xiuxiu the Super Dog, it was a simple endless runner(here a flying super puppy) type of game.  Player controls Xiuxiu the super dog, avoids obstacle course, takes down evil cats, while keeping Xiuxiu fed in order to continue flying.

xiuxiu interface

Though it was the third game of mine, the idea of have a flying super puppy fighting evil cats was one of the oldest. The actual game and all its graphics were made winter 2015, but I have old school sketches of this idea from years back.

xiuxiu xiuxiu02xiuxiuhouses

All graphic assets in this game was made in Adobe Illustrator.

The visual style of the game was developed using both Asian and Nordic inspirations.

My goal was to make a clean, colorful and retro game look.

xiuxiu2-02 xiuxiu3-02 There are many different ways one can game over. Evil cats attack with firing fish bones, fur balls, mosaic puke, and sometimes ninja skills. Even kitty claws are not to be underestimated. Players must avoid taking down innocent grandma&grandpas, as well as flying into their welcoming love. Here are a few examples of the end game splash.

xiuxiuendgame1 xiuxiuendgame2 xiuxiuendgame3xiuxiuendgame5xiuxiuendgame4

Making XiuXiu’s sidekick Mr.Chubby was lots of fun. Mr.Chubby is a cute little mouse flying with a balloon. Here is a small video of Mr.Chubby’s test animation.

SUPER DOG VS EVIL CATS is a free app made to be enjoyed. Don’t hesitate to try! 😀

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