Sweet Dreams

sweet dreams“Sweet Dreams”

65 x 54cm

Oil on canvas

This is the start of a series of oil paintings I want to create on the theme of dreams. I have been making notes on the dreams I had in the past, from detailed elements to just the ambiguous feeling I had after waking up. Being dreams things are almost never straightforward, or one-dimensional. The past, the present, and the vivid imagination intricate into one whimsical experience for the mind.  This is going to be a visual story of the adventure journeying into my own subconsciousness. I believe this will help me understand myself better both as a person and an artist.

This piece represents the both the beginning of the project and the beginning of a dream. It portraits a fading self-image on the blink of falling asleep, while the tides of subconsciousness takes over everything. To me, a dream is always a sweet fantasy and a horror story within its own.


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